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Sustainable tourism promotion at the Regional Natural Park of Ulëza Lake

Sustainable tourism promotion at the Regional Natural Park of Ulëza Lake

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Ulez, 25 April 2015 - The association Friendship-Ulëza and INCA, in cooperation with the Network for Nature Conservation organizations, organized several promotional activities on Saturday, 25 April 2015,on the occasion of the second anniversary of the announcement of Ulëza as Regional Natural Park. This event coincided with the St. Mark Day, one of the traditional feasts celebrated in Ulëza town.

Besides local and central authorities, the ceremony had a wide participation from the local community and the area around Ulëza, including schoolchildren, thus providing a pleasant a festive environment.

The purpose of these activities was to bring the community nearer to the protected area, increasing the visibility of the protected area by law, as well as the promotion of true and unique local tourism values. Sustainable tourism development in this area will have a direct impact on the local economy It will also help to better convey the principles of nature protection. The characteristics of this area allows for tourism development through the promotion of new activities that has not been exploited so far, e.g. creating the possibility for using fisherman’s boats for tourist tour boats and organizing local walking tours in the park.

INCA organized a tour with journalists from local and national media in order to increase awareness regarding the area potential as a new tourist destination in Albania. The tour followed several strategic points of Shkopeti valley, Ulëza town, RNP of Ulëza’s Lake, in order to introduce the reporters with the park and its natural, historic and cultural values. They also had the opportunity to communicate with local residents, tourist operators, fishermen etc. as well as participate in the celebrations organized in the Ulëza town.

Regional Natural Park Lake Ulza represents the first example in our country of this new approach to bring protected areas closer to the community and local authorities and contributing to the protection and conservation of nature and biodiversity in the country. This park seeks to promote the values ​​of biodiversity that this region harbors, to guard and protect the beautiful nature of the area, increase the interest for the development of tourism and bring to the attention of every visitor the possibility for entertainment and enjoyment. It could also serve as an example and promoter for the announcement of other regional natural parks in Albania.

The Qark Council Decision no. 16, dated 03.04.2013, announced Ulëza lake and its surrounding area as "Regional Natural Park". It is the first park of its kind in our country, based on the Law of Protected Areas (No. 8906 dated 06.06.2002 and its amendment) and DCM nr.519, dated 30.06.2000.

The park occupies an area of ​​4,206 hectares starting from Shkopeti hydropower dam and throughout Ulëza, until it interfaces with Mirdita. This Park is proclaimed as Regional Natural Park thanks to the support of the Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania (INCA) in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America in Tirana, the Ulëza Municipality, and staff of the Ministry of Environment.



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