Encouraging the creation and functioning of local environmental forums in NP Divjaka-Karavasta

Encouraging the creation and functioning of local environmental forums in NP Divjaka-Karavasta

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Divjaka-Karavasta National Park - 27/06/2018 - The Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania organized a stakeholder discussion on "Encouraging the creation and functioning of local environmental forums", in order to strengthen the capacity of Natural Protection Network (NPN) of organizations regarding the advocacy models for a more sustainable decision-making and management of Environmental Protected Areas and natural resources. The activity has been orgenised under the framework of the project "Promotion and advocacy for sustainable management of natural resources in protected areas" (Phase II).

The purpose of the meeting was to consult and identify, in cooperation with interested groups at local level, the best approach of their involvement in the advocacy and local park management processes through the participation of the main local actors in a common structure - “Local Forum” - along with local responsible bodies in the "Divjaka-Karavasta" National Park.

INCA is helping to set up the structural model and functions of the Forum, in cooperation with local CS partner organizations, the staff of the Municipality and the National Park Administration. INCA is also aiming to inform the members of the Forum and raise awareness regarding the identified issues during the first phase of the project, as well as provide recommendations towards possible solutions, based on the legislation in force.

This activity is supported by REC-Albania through the SENiOR-II Program, funded by the Swedish Government (Embassy of Sweden in Tirana).

The meeting attended by representatives of the Embassy of Sweden in Tirana, representatives of REC Albania, representatives of RAPA-s of Fier, Kukës, Shkodër, Elbasan, Gjirokastër, Korçë, etc., representatives of the organizations of the Network for the Nature Protection and the forums raised by them, representatives of the civil society of the area etc.

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