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The first Meeting of the Nature Protection Network

The Nature Protection Network held its first meeting organized in the framework of the SENiOR-A project, on May 31 at the INCA premises. The meeting was aiming to enhance communication and reinforce linkages between member organisations, by sharing information on their areas of performance and activities as well as having a shared understanding of their common goal and objectives within the network, identification of their duties and responsibilities and reaching an agreement on the proposed Organisations Action Plans.

The meeting brought together seven members of the Nature Protection Network: Green&Clean - Korçë; Mbrojtja e Mjedisit - Kukës; Miqësia - Ulëz; Adriatiku - Vlorë; ILIRIA – Tiranë dhe Forumi Shqiptar Liqeni i Shkodrës - Shkodër. It was led by Mr Zamir Dedej, Head of the Institute for Natural Conservation in Albania (INCA) which is facilitating the Network set up and its activities in the framework of the SENiOR-A project. Mr. Dedej emphasized the importance of enhanced cooperation and joint work within the Network. Special attention was paid to the introduction of the member organisations framework and Action Plans. The participants informed also on the activities that have already started in the framework of the Project and emphasized the need to expand the Network by inviting other interested organisations in the field of Natural Protection and Conservation in the region. 
The participants welcomed INCA's efforts to facilitate the first publication of "Ditari i Natyres", the Nature Protection Networks' monthly e-journal aiming to inform and bring evidence with regard to the nature protection and promotion of natural values and related activities from Networks and Civil Society Organisations.


Rruga Islam Alla, Pallati IVEA, Kat I, Tirana, Albania

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