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Biodiversity Week 2020 (18-th -- 22-nd of May)

Biodiversity Week 2020 (18-th -- 22-nd of May)

International Biodiversity Week is about connecting people to nature, communicating the importance of biodiversity and motivating people to play a role in protecting it. It is also used to show the fun and wonders that can be found in nature, which inspire people to learn more, to see more, to do more.
May 18th also highlights the importance of traditional biodiversity knowledge, which is closely linked to local communities and indigenous peoples, who interact with nature on an ongoing basis by serving and receiving from it. It is precisely this knowledge that has created harmony between nature and human, in the use of the services of different ecosystems in the function of a healthier life.
Albania as a country with great natural resources and very rich in biodiversity, offers a nature with great values that are often still unknown. A significant part of the population is located in rural areas, in areas where nature still remains untouched. Their way of life is closely linked to the nature nearby, through the overgrowth of medicinal plants (sage Salvia officinalis, oregano Origanum Vulgare, etc.) and forest fruits, fishing, etc., so they are the first link to play a role in their preservation.